Bhutan Tour Packages: Observing the Rich Aspect of Bhutan Cultural Heritage

As a travel enthusiast, you shouldn’t miss out on visiting Bhutan this summer. The reason is that you stand a chance to explore a lot of exciting places during your stay. After all, Bhutan tour packages are more than just a holiday visit. It’s like moving into nature’s paradise.

Are you interested in seeing the remarkable site of the Bhutan atmosphere? All you have to do is make adequate plans to be part of the Bhutan tour packages this summer. Perhaps, you may be wondering why Bhutan is one of the unique locations in the Asian continent. Here are some of the remarkable highlights of having your vacation in this location.

  1. Dance festival

Dance is one of the significant ways of correcting muscle stiffness. The fact is that you can move your muscles to a particular music tune. Interestingly, the Bhutan tour packages offer clients the best opportunity to watch and possibly participate in the Punakha Tsechu festival.

Nimalung Festival

During this dance festival, you are confident of coming across impressive fireworks, which will light up your mood. More importantly, this dance festival is an avenue to learn more about the religious history of the local people. Perhaps, you can get more insights as to the reason why the people perform this dance festival periodically.

  1. Hiking

Bhutan tour packages also include moving with a tour guide to explore the different monastic architectures at various locations. For instance, one of the centers of attraction is a museum, Simply Bhutan. At this place, you rest assured of getting historical insights about the different happenings of the ancient past. Apart from exploring this museum, you get to taste the local cuisines coming from Genyen Lam.


Moreover, it would help if you didn’t miss out on visiting local shops during your hiking tour. Perhaps, you can come across souvenirs that you can add to your travel collections. This way, your memories can allow you to reflect on the fun time you had in Bhutan. Interestingly, you may decide to reschedule and plan for a vacation in the incoming summer.

Also, you can visit the ThrumshingLa National Park to get a picture of what nature has to offer tourists like you. Interestingly, you will witness the rich forest with therapeutic lakes and waterfalls. Perhaps, you can get hold of a camera to take exciting pictures of the attractively calm forest atmosphere. Luckily, the forest birds can photo bomb your snapshots.



  1. Retreats

If you want to embark on a spiritual retreat, Bhutan should be your next pick for the summer. Fortunately, Jangtsa Dumtseg Lhakhang Temple is where a lot of people come for soul-searching reflections. Perhaps, you can have a good view of how people perform some of the ancient sacred religious rites.

Bhutan Tour Packages

Finally, you rest assured of enjoying every minute of your stay in Bhutan. To make your hiking experience memorable, you rest assured of getting a guide to lead you in your quest. Your guide will be responsible for guiding you through many landscapes and several therapeutic sceneries.

Moreover, some of the best parts of your journey may include tasting local food and drinking local beer. All of these exciting activities await travelers that are willing to come to Bhutan. Therefore, the best thing to do is call in today for more inquiries.

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